Ain’t It Funky - Funk Music Documentary from Soul Deep: The History of Black Popular Music

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This site was put together to teach people about the depth and range of all things funky. In the following excerpts from the BBC documentary series Soul Deep: The History of Black Popular Music, you’ll learn about the origins of funk and how it ties into various other strains of music.

Soul Deep: The History of Black Popular Music was a six-part BBC music documentary series produced in 2005.

Here’s the episode breakdown:

1. The Birth Of Soul
2. The Gospel Highway
3. The Sound Of Young America
4. Southern Soul
5. Ain’t It Funky
6. From Ghetto to Fabulous

Now sit back and enjoy Episode 5 - Ain’t It Funky.

Listen to James Brown, George Clinton, The Temptations and others explain how passionate, honest and raw funky music revolutionized an entire decade. This one-hour installment of Soul Deep is broken into eight, easily consumable YouTube clips.

Ain’t It Funky (Part 1)

Ain’t It Funky (Part 2)

Ain’t It Funky (Part 3)

Ain’t It Funky (Part 4)

Ain’t It Funky (Part 5)

Ain’t It Funky (Part 6)

Ain’t It Funky (Part 7)

Ain’t It Funky Part 8

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